Artist Applications are now OPEN for the 2017 Sydney Blues & Roots WinterFest and Ninth Annual Sydney Blues & Roots Festival.

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A big thank you to all who submitted artist applications in 2016. To those who were not successful please do not feel disheartened. While we get hundreds of applications every year it is our ultimate aim to give an opportunity to as many bands each year as possible.

If you have any questions please contact us or call us on 0409 905 884.

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Additional Information

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Friday 1st December (9th Annual SBRF)Saturday 2nd December (9th Annual SBRF)Sunday 3rd December (9th Annual SBRF)

Technical Requirements

Please indicate whether you require the festival to provide backline equipment or whether you are supplying your own. If it is not noted, it won't be supplied!

NB: The Festival's standard backline is bass rig, guitar rig and drum kit, and excluding keyboards. Sound & mixing personel are supplied by the Festival and have ultimate control over the sound desk.

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Shared Acts

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Band/Artist contact for during the Festival

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By ticking and submitting this application, you confirm that all details contained within the application are correct. Terms and conditions are set out on our website at You have the permission to represent the artist/act as the principle contact and in all dealings with the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival. You shall inform the Festival of any changes to this arrangement. Any correspondence should be forwarded onto the other members of your group and returned, if required, in full, by dates requested by the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival.

This application does not guarantee selection and that if selected, the Festival programmers have the sole right to determine the act’s position (within the specified availability).

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