Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions, then complete the Busking Registration form. By lodging a Busking Registration form you acknowledge that you have read, accepted and understood the Terms and Conditions set out below.


1. A musical busker is an entertainer who provides impromptu performances for the public by playing a musical instrument, dancing and/or singing in public places. Buskers may receive a monetary appreciation from the audience for their performance but may not solicit funds in a way which is likely to cause any discomfort to individuals.

2. All buskers must include a live element to their performance – RECORDED MUSIC is not to be played.

3. Registration for busking is compulsory for the Ninth Annual Sydney Blues & Roots Festival (SBRF) 2017. To be eligible to compete in this competition and to perform at the Festival you must be registered.

4. Busking Registration numbers must be displayed at all times during performances.


5. Judging of the Busking Competition for the Ninth Annual Sydney Blues & Roots Festival (SBRF) 2017 will be conducted daily, commencing on Saturday December 2, 2017 and concluding on Sunday December 3, 2017 if required.

6. Each act will be judged at the festival by a panel of mystery judges whose decision will be final and no protests will be entered into.

7. Judges will award points for originality, presentation and overall entertainment value. The act with the highest combined score from the judging panel will be deemed the winner and announced on the final night of the Festival.

8. First prize will be a scheduled performance at the 2018 Sydney Blues & Roots Festival. Other prizes may be added subject to final registrations and sponsorship negotiations.

Site allocations:

9. Site allocation details coming soon.

Sound Levels:

12. Sound levels must not exceed 80dB. In certain circumstances buskers may be asked to reduce their volume even if the sound level is at or below 80dB.

13. Sound levels will be strictly limited – this will be monitored throughout the festival. Any busker deemed to be playing too loudly will be instructed to reduce the volume. Authorised officers of the Hawkesbury City Council will be very strict on this in 2017. If you are found to be in breach of this condition you may be disqualified from the competition and have your busking registration revoked immediately.

Power access:

16. Power access details available soon.

YouTube Video Upload:

18. In 2017 it is optional for buskers to upload their video clip. The clip may be used for promotion of the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival and online across our website, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube Channel and more.

19. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any video clip entry deemed unsuitable or offensive.


20. Buskers are expected to act in a friendly manner respectful of other buskers, Festival patrons and staff. Buskers who do not behave in this manner may have their Busking Permit revoked.

21. If equipment is provided for the use of any busker, the busker or buskers shall be solely responsible for the care and correct use thereof and any damage shall be compensable to the Organisers.

22. Authorised officers of the Hawkesbury City Council may at any time instruct a busker to cease busking if the officer is of the opinion that the performance is causing public inconvenience or nuisance or is likely to cause harm to the public or property. The busker must immediately comply with such a request.

23. Buskers must comply with Hawkesbury City Council’s Windsor Mall Policy relating to busking, specifically:

4.3.2 Busking

(a) Any collection container for donations is to remain stationary on the pavement;
(b) Busking shall not interfere with any other approved use or permitted activity;
(c) Buskers shall not obstruct or impede pedestrians or visiting adjacent properties (eg business premises) and established pedestrian travel paths;
(d) Buskers shall not obstruct or impede access to activities on adjacent properties (eg business premises);
(e) Busking shall be for a maximum period of 4 hours on any one day;
(f) Buskers shall not perform in a particular area for more than 30 minutes ie. rotate and move around;
(h) Buskers shall have a suitable appearance and dress standard;
(i) Buskers under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times;

24. Buskers must not use dangerous implements including knives, swords (including theatrical knives & swords) or any activity involving the use of fire or animals.

25. Employees of the Organiser and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.

26. Any breach of these terms and conditions shall render the party in breach of the terms and conditions, ineligible for any prize in the competition and may also result in the party being asked to cease performing immediately

27. Busking is not permitted in the mall between 7pm and 10am.

28. The Organisers do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage or injury of any kind whatsoever occurring to a participant in this competition and all participants by signing these Terms and Conditions hereby acknowledge they have entered into this competition entirely at their own risk.

29. Buskers are entitled to sell their own merchandise. Only merchandise as disclosed on the Busking Registration Form and approved by SBRF may be sold.

30. If any of the above Terms and Conditions are breached, you may have your Busking Registration revoked and be asked to leave.

31. In order to register for busking, you must fit the description of a musical busker as stated above. Permits for “street artists & entertainers” and “trading” may be obtained from Hawkesbury City Council through the usual channels.

32. Persons found to be acting outside of this description who have obtained registration under false pretences will have their Busking Registration cancelled immediately and will not be eligible to obtain any other permit for the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival.

33. Keep busking coins in your container to a minimum and keep valuables in a safe place.

Everyone is welcome to busk at the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival and we wish all buskers the best of luck during the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival Busking Competitions in 2017!


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Entrant Details

The Contact is the spokesperson for the group and must be contactable by mobile at all times during the festival.

Secondary Contact (or Parent/Guardian if registration is for busker under the age of 18 years)

Group Members

Please add details of ALL group members.

Performance Details

Preferred Date(s) for busking:*Saturday 2nd December (9th Annual SBRF)Sunday 3rd December (9th Annual SBRF)

Do you intend to sell merchandise?* YESNO

If Yes please include details of merchandise items to be sold:

Please give a detailed description of your act including instruments used, space required & a sample performance list of 6 songs:

Entry Fee

An entry fee of $20 is due after registration and must be paid on arrival to cover the cost of the busking permit. Sydney Blues & Roots Festival do not offer refunds or exchanges in the event you do not attend the competition after registration.

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